We have come up with a simple way to collect the rent. Therefore, setting up your account is done in 3 short steps, the rest goes by itself:

Step 1 - To start, create an owner.

An owner is a part of your account to which you can link a bank account. This can be yourself, but it can also be someone else or a company. For example, if you take care of the rental administration for another landlord.

Step 2 - Add a property

Once you have added an owner to your account, you can add properties.

Step 3 - Start a rental collection

Start a rent collection to invite a tenant to set up a payment. We'll send the tenant an invitation to the email address provided.


Once the tenant has set up the payment everything goes automatically. We collect the rent and pay it the next day directly to the linked account of the corresponding owner. Is someone late paying the rent? Then we automatically remind them by sending a payment request. You can find everything in your personal dashboard.

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