here are 2 possibilities here

1) Your tenant has paid the rent via iDeal

2) Your tenant has paid via Direct Debit

So the first possibility is that your tenant paid the rent via iDeal. Our payment partner Online Payment Platform disburses these funds daily, so normally you will receive your money on your linked bank account within 1 business day. Of course, it can happen that there is a weekend or a holiday in between, which makes it take longer. If something goes wrong here or you are waiting longer than 2 business days for your rent, please contact Bidly via chat or send an email to

The second possibility is that your tenant has paid the rent via direct debit. Here the turnaround time is a bit longer because after collection the money is in the third party money account of our payment partner for 5 days. So if the money is collected on October 27th, it will be paid to the landlord 5 days later. Even then it applies that when there is a weekend or holiday in between it can take longer.

If you have any further questions please send us an email at

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